Service Beyond the Numbers

Our diversity in the financial industry is aimed to help you. We work to find a solution that fits your personal and business needs.

Service Beyond the Numbers
Tax filing with a lot of savings
Stress free Tax season

Accounting Services

Year-round consultation services on accounting, bookkeeping, reporting, and small business internal audits.

Tax Compliance

Expert tax preparation and planning services for both personal and business needs with the personalization that software packages can not.

Business Solutions

We are focused on finding and implementing solutions for you by conducting a cash flow and tax savings analysis for your business. We also offer consultation on various types of benefits and Corporation/LLC services.
CMC Management Consultants - Business Solutions
CMC Management Consultants - Retirement Planning

Controller and CFO Services

In-depth data analysis and strategic recommendations is part of our Controller and CFO services.

Retirement Planning

Our expertise in tax-free retirement solutions such as: consultation in guaranteed income for life, all aspects of IRA(s), 401K, and more.

Insurance Planning

Professional advise on all aspects of insurance planning including, but not limited to life & health insurances, disability, long-term care, and annuities.

CMC Management Consultants - Business Solutions
CMC Management Consultants - Retirement Planning
Payroll Services on Point
CMC Management Consultants - Bookkeeping Services

Financial Planning

We establish a thorough analysis of your financial goals and create a customized solution. Our experts constantly review and revise to find a strategy that best suits your changing needs.

Human Resources

We assist in all areas of payroll and can provide full-service payroll duties upon request including HR audit.

Estate Planning

Our legal department provides full service customized estate plan documentations and advanced planning such as: Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT), Charitable Trust, Limited Family Partnership (LFP), and more!

Education Planning

We advise parents on college planning and funding. It is never too early to start.

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